Welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer series and we are happy to introduce Miss Cici, who has a double belly piercing! We start with her inspiration behind getting a double belly piercing, her healing process along with the aftercare. Miss. Cici loves her double belly rings and was honored to share her insights of getting a double belly piercing.

double belly piercing miss cici

What inspired you to pierce your belly?

Belly dancers. I started to watch a lot of belly dancing and I saw that most of them had a belly piercing or similar to it like a chain. So, I just wanted one.

Did the piercings hurt?

Like hell! First of all, the top one didn’t hurt that much. The bottom one did hurt a little more only because it is a bit lower so the skin is more sensitive. Plus, it’s not as much of a gripping (the top) compared to here (the bottom ring). The bottom hurt a little more.

How was the aftercare?

After care for the bottom one wasn’t too bad. It didn’t last that long (to heal). However, I did bump it a lot more because it is low so the jeans sometime hits it on the hip and becomes high waisted.

The top one took me 8 months to heal. It was forever, a lot of gunky stuff was coming out. At one point, I even thought of taking it off. But I just tough it out and it was good now. Saline solution!

double belly piercing miss cici

What inspired you to get a double belly piercing?

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To me, before I had both of them, it’s pretty much that it was just cute. But now having both, it gets people’s attention. “Oh my god, what do you have over there” or “I’ve never seen that”. So it’s for the attention.

double belly piercing miss cici

To anyone that wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

Nike – “Just do it!”.

Thank you very much for the interview Miss. Cici and welcome to the RMB Family!