Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer Series! Our sixth interview is with Miss. Michaela!

Miss. Michaela is an outgoing person who is passionate about art, mechanics, and pretty much a “do-it-yourself” person! This future SFX(special effects) artist that you’ll see on the big screen also makes elegant belly rings from scratch that she also wears from time to time.

Miss. Michaela was happy to share her experience with her belly piercing, displaying her homemade belly rings below, and has a very insightful tip about what to do when you go to your local piercer!


1) What/Who inspired to pierce your belly?

My sister was the one who inspired me to get my belly pierced. I’ve always looked up to her and if she did it, I at least had to try!

2) Did the piercing hurt and how was the aftercare?

When I went to the parlor to have my navel ring done, I expected the worst! In all honesty, I was shocked to realize it was no more than a pinch. 

Aftercare you say? It was my fastest healing piercing!

3) How many belly rings do you have and which ones are you favorite?

I have 5 belly rings, two I made myself and the other three I purchased. My ultimate favorite?? The humming bird and the horse (I made the crystal and horse belly ring).


4) To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

If you are looking to have your belly button pierced, make sure you talk to your local piercing parlor and discuss your fears or discomforts if you have any. They are there to help and make the process as smooth as possible! 


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