Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer series. Our first interview is with our first RMB Ambassador, Miss. Krishna!

Miss. Krishna is a very talented make up artist who is very passionate about fashion, modeling, and fitness. She also loves jewelry, hence her getting not one but a double belly ring piercing! Her piercing is very unique and it complements her vibrant, care-free personality!

It’s an honor to have her as our first RMB Belly Ringer and sharing her experience with her belly piecing. She hopes to inspire others who are indecisive about getting their bellybutton pierced to go do theirs!


1) What/Who inspired you to pierce your belly

-I’ve always wanted my belly pierced. To me, it was just adding jewelry to my body.

2) Did the piercing hurt and how was the aftercare?

– Since I have a double belly piercing, after he pierced the first one (my bottom belly button) I could feel the second one but it wasn’t as intense. It legit took 3 years for my bottom piercing to heal. I had to stop wearing jeans because it would always get in my pants.

3) We noticed that you pierced both top and bottom. Where was your creative inspiration to do that?

– I strive to be myself and not mediocre so why not pierce both? Lol. I also wanted to pierced both top and bottom because I had never in my life seen someone with it.



4) How many rings do you have and which ones are your favorite?

-I have had a lot but my favorite is any of them that are purple since purple is absolutely my favorite color.

5) To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

– I always encourage them to pierce it. It’s a cute, fun piercing so why not!

For more of Miss Krishna and her creative makeup, check it out on her Instagram