Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer Series! Our fifteenth interview is with Miss. Lisa Nixs!

Miss. Lisa Nixs is a model, filled with energy, loves to meet new people while traveling to award shows and worked hard to enjoy the life that she is living now. Miss. Lisa had her belly pierced at a young age like any other girl. After taking it out, she did not notice the absence of her belly jewelry until one night, she thought about re-piercing it again!

Miss. Lisa Nixs is now flaunting her beauty while rocking sexy belly rings. She has a lot of them but she does have her favorites. Read more of Miss. Nixs’ inspiring interview to get an insight of wearing a belly ring, no matter what age!

1)What/Who inspired to pierce your belly?

  • I was with my best friend at the time. We were 16 and we went to the mall to have it done. I had it in until I had my son when I was 22. I then took it out. I didn’t think too much about it and after he was born, I didn’t put it back in. I think I went over 5 years and one night I wondered if I could still get a belly ring in there and thought that I could never get it back. So ever since then, I have had one in.

2) Did the piercing hurt and how was the aftercare?

  • It didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would and the healing was pretty quick. I did find myself bumping it a few times and it was a little sore.

3) How many rings do you have and which ones are your favorite?

  • Oh wow I am really not sure. I be I have at least 50 or more but I don’t wear them all of them. I think my favorite would be my playboy bunny ones. I have 4 of them!

4) You have an active lifestyle that includes modeling, traveling, and working out. Tell us your secret of staying youthful and fabulous! 🙂

  • It all takes hard work but in return you need to take time for yourself. I bought a lake house about 2 years ago and that is my way to get out and just chill.

5) To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

  • I think to each there own. If I had to do it again, I would! I just think it looks sexy and classy for me 🙂

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