Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer Series! Our eighteenth interview is with Miss. Tiffany!

Miss. Tiffany was posing for our belly ring collection for the summertime! During the photo-shoot, she was very happy to talk about her belly ring experience and her favorite belly ring designs!

Once she turned 18, Miss. Tiffany went on to get her belly button pierced! Although at first she was a bit nervous, she easily could say that getting hers done was the easiest and fasted piercing to heal.

Miss. Tiffany!
  1. Who inspired you to pierce your belly?

My friends had it, and my dad didn’t let me. The minute I turned 18, I had it pierced!

2. Did it hurt when you were getting your belly pierced?

See what happened was, I was scared and I was squirming. The piercer said that he was just marking it. He quickly stuck a needle through and I did not expect it. Probably hurt more than I thought initially but it really wasn’t that bad.

3. How was the aftercare?

It healed so easily! That was the best piercing to get pierced! It healed the best!

4. What are the best aspects of wearing a belly ring?

Especially right now, it’s summer! Go out in your bathing suit, you get to show it off! It adds a little bit of character to you.

5. To anyone that wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to just go for it. Pain lasts for a couple of seconds and then you are good. You have something to show off and make you unique!

Thank you Miss. Tiffany for the inspiring interview!

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