Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer series. Our second interview is with the talented Miss. Gina Bliss!
Miss Gina Bliss is a published model and professional promoter. With her expertise and numerous photo-shoots she has been a part of, she created her own promotions company, Bliss Promotions.
It was a pleasure to have Miss. Bliss to share her experience with her belly piecing. She hopes to inspire others to get their bellybutton pierced as well!

1) What/Who inspired you to pierce your belly
1. I love my ink and my piercings, especially my belly ring. I’ve had it since I was 14. I had always found them to be beautiful especially on women with sexy tummies. The summer before I started high school I went with my friend to a Sally’s beauty supply and we bought the piecing kit (that’s how long ago this was, you could actually get the piercing gun from this store). We went back to her house and a few mintues later I had a belly ring. It never got infected and it healed well. I have had it for over 16 years now and I still absolutely love it.
2) Did the piercing hurt and how was the aftercare?
2. Honestly for me it was the same level of pain as getting my ears pierced. The aftercare was very simple. Keep it clean and don’t change it till it’s completely healed.
3) How many rings do you have and which ones are your favorite?
3. I have about 50 different belly rings. My favorites are always unique designs and fun dangling charms. My absolute favorite is one that I made for myself from an old charm bracelet I had.  I like having a large variety to choose from. When I do shoots or even when I go out I love to have my body jewelry match the style and colors of my outfit.

4) To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?
4. To anyone thinking of getting their belly button pierced I’d say go for it! I’d recommend going to a professional that you trust. I know my friend help me to do mine at home but if you don’t know what your doing you could seriously hurt yourself. Go to a clean place to get it done properly and take care of it the right way. Don’t mess with it or take it out before it heals. Once it heals you can enjoy a variety of belly bling!
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