Welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer series and we are happy to introduce Miss Taylor!

She shares her knowledge on how it was like to get her belly button pierced, how to take care of it, her inspiration behind the piercing, and the best aspects of wearing a belly button ring. Miss. Taylor also leaves an insightful message at the end for those that are thinking about getting a belly piercing.


Who inspired you to pierce your belly?

A friend of mine inspired me. I saw when she got her belly button pierced I was like ‘Aw that really cute! I want to get my belly button pierced too!‘”

Did it hurt when you were getting your belly pierced?

“It actually did not hurt. When they put the piercing tool on you, you feel the slightest amount of pressure and a little pinch as if someone poked you with a needle or a thumb tack. It was just the slightest little pinch and then “Done!” So easy! Doesn’t even hurt!

How was the aftercare?

“Aftercare is super easy. They tell you to keep it in for a couple of months. Take care of it. Make sure it’s sterile. Clean it with soap and water. Maybe some sterilizing spray, kind of like when you get your ears pierced. Super easy to take care of and leave it in. You want to leave in your original piercing for basically up to 6 months and let the piercing heal before you change it.

What are the best aspects of wearing a belly ring?

“The best aspect of wearing a belly button ring is I absolutely love wearing crop tops now, not that I didn’t before. It also looks really cute to be able to play with belly button rings that you want to pair with an outfit or a bathing suit and really show it off alot. I love to have something pierced and have something sparkling all over my body. Have a little something there when you want to show your midsection especially when you’re at the beach. It looks cute with a bathing suit. Or with an outfit I have on now with a shorts and a crop top. That’s what I love about it. I love having not a plain belly button anymore. I have something there to show off.

To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

“I would just make sure you’re ready for it. Maybe not be like me and have it sprung on your parent like I did. I just went out and got pierced. That’s just what I do. Make sure you’re 18 or older. If not, you have to have a parent sign for you just for like anything else pierced or tattooed. It’s a fun thing to have! Make sure you are responsible with it. It’s such a small jewelry, it’s so nice, you want to take care of it and not lose it.

Thank you very much for the inspiring interview Miss. Taylor and welcome to the RMB Family!