Hi and welcome to our RMB Belly Ringer series. Our third interview is with Miss. Talia!

Miss. Talia is a jovial person who is passionate about piercings and art. With her vibrant colors, fashion, jewelry and piercings, she definitely is not afraid to show her unique style that complements her high spirited personality!

She really loves piercings and was stoked when she got her first belly ring. She was delighted to be a RMB Belly Ringer, to inspire others to get their bellybutton pierced as well. She shares her experience and has very helpful tips below when we interviewed her.

1) What/Who inspired you to pierce your belly?

My answer would have to be myself. Ever since I was a kid, I wanted it done. I was scared to, but I still really wanted one someday.

2) Did the piercing hurt and how was the aftercare? 

It didn’t hurt getting it done as bad as I thought it would. But, it started to feel great and my stupid self was like, “oh I can change it now!” No. Terrible idea!

Always wait until it is completely healed. No matter how great it feels, it is not healed yet. It got infected twice, but I took care of it, so each infection didn’t last but a day or two. What I did when it got infected was I took an alcohol wipe and put germX on it. After I did that, I put antibiotic ointment on it so it wouldn’t dry out. It felt GREAT!

3) How many rings do you have and which ones are your favorite? 

I have several rings, about 10+. I don’t know which one I would consider my favorite, but the one I wear most is a small ring with Rasta colored balls. It’s super cute!

4) To anyone who wants to pierce their belly, what would you tell them?

I would tell them to be sure to wait until it is for sure completely healed before changing it. Clean it regularly everyday until it is healed, then just clean it every now and again so it doesn’t stink. And keep your rings clean, too. Don’t take it out if it gets infected, because it will close the infection inside of your skin. Just tough it out.

If your bellybutton rejects it, take it out because it would hurt for it to push it all the way out on its own. It happened to a friend of mine. But, yeah, that’s pretty much it. Again, thank you for such an amazing opportunity like this! I’m forever grateful! 🙂


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